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The Spurgeon Library exists—in attitude and architecture—to promote Jesus Christ by remembering the life and legacy of Charles Spurgeon. In addition to preserving the collection for posterity and providing a study space for scholars and students, the library will allow Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip pastors, teachers, and students to fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

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Dec 23

Spurgeon: Santa or Scrooge? (And 5 Thoughts for Your Christmas Day)

By Christian George

It’s true. Charles Spurgeon had a love-hate relationship with Christmas. Here’s the context.

Nov 15

How Spurgeon’s Favorite Color Can Heal a Broken Nation

By Christian George

Last Tuesday, the vote was clear: America is a divided nation. We are racially divided. We are spatially divided. We are… More Information ›

Nov 8

How Would Spurgeon Vote?

By Christian George

Charles Spurgeon awoke one morning during a general election to find his estate painted blue (the color of the Conservative… More Information ›

Nov 3

10 Ways Prayer Will Change Your Life

By Christian George

D. L. Moody once said to hear Spurgeon preach was a blessing, but to hear Spurgeon pray was even more… More Information ›

Visit the Spurgeon Center

One of the goals of the Spurgeon Library is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by preserving the personal library of Charles Haddon Spurgeon and fostering a deeper appreciation of his life, legacy, theology, and preaching. When visiting the Spurgeon Library, visitors are able to see and study the gospel through the lenses of the “Prince of Preachers.” With access to nearly 6,000 volumes from Spurgeon’s personal library, the Spurgeon Library is unmatched when it comes to Spurgeon scholarship.

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Opportunities for Students

The Spurgeon Center offers a limited number of scholarships to exceptional seminary students called to full-time vocational ministry. Recipients of the scholarship will work closely with the Curator of the Spurgeon Library and receive additional writing, publishing, and ministry opportunities.

Tours for Campus Guests

Visit the Spurgeon Library and visualize the life, legacy, theology, and preaching of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. We exist to encourage and edify the local church, and would love to have you visit us to learn more about Spurgeon’s life. The center features exhibits, Spurgeon’s personal library, and a timeline spanning major events of his life.

Access for Scholars

The Spurgeon Library is the premier center Spurgeon scholarship, housing nearly 6,000 volumes from Charles Spurgeon’s personal library. Apply for scholar’s access to study from the resources at the Spurgeon Center as well as interact with our curator, Dr. Christian George.

The Spurgeon Lectures

As owners of the Spurgeon Library, Midwestern enjoys a singular stewardship to our students, our denomination, and the church at large. The Charles Spurgeon Lectures on Biblical Preaching equip preachers and gospel ministers and fulfill our mission to exist for the church. The goal of the lectures is to equip attendees and serve the church by speaking on and modeling expositional preaching.

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